Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bila TizZaqyah kene troll!

Ok, hence the title..

@7.30am: Things I did today..was playing instagram on the journey to work..
and I came across somebody i followed, a public figure of course uploading one i-shall-say-a-controversial-pic..

engko nak DrumRoll?!

yes..its Tiz Zaqyah..!*drool*

and so i comment..

and so she bashed...which i sensed she was a bit upset..
mane taknye, sampaikan 2kali die bashed akak ni..

and so i said sorry...

and she replied again...

as u can see all well ends well....u can can ignore the rest of the commentator..because I was the LIMELIGHT of the the rest, whatever comment u put in there, SHE chose to reply me...BOOHOO to you guys!!

truly i'm sorry, it was a harmless gesture...but damaged good...
and here is lesson learnt for myself and some of you out there not start/create some innocent and harmless jokes that related to your personal life you are gonna end up getting bashed at..ok?!

So now i publicly apologized to Tiz Zaqyah and her fans..peace out!